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JDT Technologies is a custom Ecommerce software development company, specializing in the complex needs of multi-channel merchants.

We were one of the earliest adopters of the ChannelAdvisor API and have successfully extended the ChannelAdvisor platform for almost ten years, solving a variety of problems, large and small.

Consider the ways in which you can generate a greater return on your ChannelAdvisor investment, while increasing staff efficiency and reducing staff errors.

    Automated seamless data integration with your ERP, inventory system, 3PL, POS, or order management system (OMS) (e.g. Epicor Eclipse, Infor A+, Acumatica, LightSpeed, OrderMotion, GoECart/Pulse Commerce, CoreSense, FishBowl).

    Automated seamless data integration with your Ecommerce (website) platform
    (e.g. Volusion, UniteU, WooCommerce, CommerceV3, Shopify, BigCommerce).

    Automated seamless data integration with drop-ship, just-in-time or regular vendors/suppliers, including EDI, API/XML (REST and SOAP), and FTP integration. (Full support for EDI 850, 846, 852, 856/ASN, etc.)

    Automated seamless data integration with niche marketplaces that ChannelAdvisor does not natively support (e.g. Etsy, GunBroker, Goat Sneakers).

    Automated allocation of orders to the most appropriate supplier , 3PL Fulfillment Center, or warehouse (including split orders), based on your landed costs, customer location, and/or any other custom business rules you want to implement.

    Automated ongoing re-pricing of products based on your cheapest (landed costs) supplier who has available inventory. This is especially useful to merchants who sell sku's from multiple dropship suppliers.

    Customized product/SKU data entry screens, with validations, defaults, and data mappings specific to your business.

    Cleanup of supplier-provided product data. Generate missing parent records in support of parent/child variation data. Strip XML files of non-ascii characters or odd namespaces that cause problems with the ChannelAdvisor XML parser. Convert oversized XML-based data to data files that ChannelAdvisor can process.

    Automated processing of Ebay Markdown Manager to put your products on and off sale and create perceived urgency to buy.

    Demand Planning/Intelligent Purchasing Workbench: Automatic gathering of sales velocity data, available quantity information, open purchase order quantities, etc. all in one place. Have better control and make better purchase and stocking decisions. Monitor inventory value. Adhere to supplier minimums. Take advantage of supplier discounts. Automatically adapt to vendor case/pack quantity requirements. Automatically adjust purchased kit quantities. Fully integrated with EDI/purchase order automation.

    High-speed picking/shipping solutions (including barcode scanning); ensure picking accuracy, automated refunds for out-of-stock situations, etc.

    Support for kits/bundles, (including sales price splits by dollar amount or percentage), providing opportunities for increased selling and greater distinction from your competitors. Automatically re-price case-pack clones based on the price changes of related master sku's. Automatically re-price kits based on changed component prices.

    Use UPS API's to automtically validate and correct shipping addresses. Especially useful before passing orders along to dropshippers.

    Use UPS API's to lookup your negotiated rates for all your products. Thus you can incorporate accurate shipping costs into your repricer rules.

    Validate image URL's. Automate the management of bulk image cleanup, on an ongoing schedule, utilizing the services of Pixelz, aka Remove the Background.

    Real-time HUD (heads-up display), Sales/Profitability Dashboard, incorporating revenue(product and shipping), COGS, marketplace fees, true landed costs data using real shipping cost(local shipping, dropship supplier, and FBA). Receive email alerts for below-cost or below-desired-margin sales. Benefit from FIFO Product Cost instead of profit loss distortions caused by changing Cost values. Gain real-time visibility into your profits and any pricing problems that require immediate attention.

    Advanced analytics and/or Excel data exports, giving you access to all your marketplace data, free to visualize it in your own way. Automated Feeds to Zoho Reports and other BI tools.

    Full end-to-end support for Amazon SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime) - Buy Shipping API.

    Support for Amazon Custom Products (customization details).

Some of the largest merchants running on the ChannelAdvisor platform use our robust and reliable ChannelAdvisor solutions to handle their high-volume integration needs.

But we have equally helped many smaller businesses to more effectively leverage the ChannelAdvisor platform to scale their businesses to new heights!

What problems are YOU trying to solve?
Contact us anytime and let's see what we can do for you!


Merchant: Seller of clothing
Challenge: Managing the volume of orders, shipping and customer refunds with the dropshipper.
Solution: Order and Shipping Confirmation/Tracking data syncing between ChannelAdvisor and S&S Activewear. Automated conversion of S&S Activewear customer returns/credits into ChannelAdvisor refunds so that the marketplaces will refund the appropriate money to customers.

Merchant: Seller of camera equipment
Challenge: Keeping ERP in sync with ChannelAdvisor.
Solution: Product, Pricing, Inventory, Order and Shipping/Tracking data syncing between ChannelAdvisor and GoECart.

Merchant: Seller of kitchen equipment
Challenge: Keeping ERP in sync with ChannelAdvisor.
Solution: Inventory, Order and Shipping/Tracking data syncing between ChannelAdvisor and OrderMotion.

Merchant: Seller of bicycles and bicycle accessories
Challenge: Keeping warehouse plus brick-and-mortar store inventory in sync with ChannelAdvisor.
Solution: Inventory and Order syncing between ChannelAdvisor and Lightspeed POS (Cloud).
Solution: Product Content and Quantity integration for syncing QBP (Quality Bicycle Products) to ChannelAdvisor. (Replace SmartEtailing feeds that are being deprecated.)

Merchant: Seller of hardware
Challenge: Suppliers with unusual EDI requirements for submitting Purchase Orders to multiple vendors.
Solution: EDI integration with multiple suppliers; Order splitting.

Merchant: Seller of sporting goods
Challenge: Complex mix of dropship and just-in-time supply chain with locally-held inventory. Multiple DC's.
Solution: API and EDI integration with multiple suppliers; Intelligent Order allocation to most appropriate supplier based on seller costs, customer location, and supplier location relative to the best DC.

Merchant: Seller of home decor
Challenge: Volusion website and ChannelAdvisor platform require integration to avoid overselling.
Solution: Automated bi-directional feeds between Volusion and ChannelAdvisor, syncs inventory quantity, prices, and orders.

Merchant: Seller of just-in-time embroidered garments
Challenge: Manage inventory, pricing and fulfillment for embroidered garments across 3 platforms.
Solution: Treat embroidered garment sku's like kits (bundle of 'garment' and 'logo'). Tri-directional integration with Great Plains and UniteU website platform.

Merchant: Seller of sportswear
Challenge: Product data is sourced in legacy system and unavailable in any format ChannelAdvisor can consume.
Solution: Daily transformation of product feed from multiple files to single ChannelAdvisor standard.

Merchant: Seller of jewelry
Challenge: Manually putting Ebay listings on and off sale is a tremendous waste of manpower resources.
Solution: Automated integration directly with Ebay Markdown Manager, following pre-defined schedule for sale on and off dates each month.
Challenge: Customers who get free shipping have no incentive to checkout all their purchases together. Shipworks doesn't combine orders when integrated with ChannelAdvisor.
Solution: Bridge ChannelAdvisor and Shipworks, combining orders following precise rules, to save on the cost of shipping.
Challenge: Rapidly growing business, selling many items similar in appearance, needed better mechanisms for high-speed picking/packing without errors.
Solution: Custom picklists and barcode scanning verification of all orders, with separate work queues for single-lineitem and multi-lineitem orders.

Merchant: Seller of motorcycle accessories
Challenge: Difficulty in dealing with same-product inventory across multiple drop-ship suppliers, especially since marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon do not want you to post duplicate listings for the same product.
Solution: Merging of same-sku parts from several drop-ship suppliers, managing combined inventory to avoid under-selling.

Merchant: Seller of dropship products
Challenge: Difficulty in uploading product xml data as provided by the dropshipper due to some data anomalies.
Solution: Pre-process xml data file to remove xsi: namespace strings before handing off the data file to ChannelAdvisor for processing.

Merchant: Several sellers of auto and powersports accessories
Challenge: Fitment data as provided by various systems, distributors, and manufacturers is not formatted in a way that is easily imported by ChannelAdvisor.
Solution: Customized reformatting of product/parts descriptive data and fitment information, to meet ChannelAdvisor and Ebay requirements.

We are always happy to brainstorm with serious business people like yourself. Let's work together to identify the business challenges and creative ideas that can really benefit from robust and reliable software solutions.

What would you like to accomplish, with the assistance of proven ChannelAdvisor experts at your disposal?